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Welcome to Sheeler Road Animal Hospital!  We are conveniently located on Sheeler Avenue between Semoran Blvd. (SR 436) and Orange Blossom Trail (SR 441) adjacent to the Suntrust Bank.  Our building sits back on a beautiful wooded lot allowing you to safely transport your pets to our hospital without the immediate threat of nearby traffic.  We have even had clients bring their cameras to photograph some of the wildlife that frequent our landscaping!


When you enter our lobby, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.  Receptionists can help you with appointment scheduling, boarding and medication refills.

Examination Rooms

We have four spacious examination rooms.  Tables are used to examine cats and small dogs while large dogs are commonly examined on the floor.  After your pet's complete exam, our veterinarians will take the time to discuss your pet's medical condition with you and answer any questions you have.  We enjoy working with you to develop the best treatment plan for you and your pet.


Your pets are examined in a friendly environment by our caring veterianrians and staff.  Pictured here, Dr. Niedfeldt examines a Bulldog with the assistance of veterinary technician, Jo.

Drop-off Appointments Available

Don't have time to stay with your dog or cat for an appointment?  We will be happy to schedule your pet for a drop-off appointment.  You can leave your him or her with us while you go to work or run errands and one of our veterinarians will examine your pet between appointments.  You can choose to have our veterinarian call you to discuss your pet's examination or just simply schedule a time to talk with them when you return to pick your pet up.

Compassion Room

Our fifth exam room has been converted to a Compassion Room.  Our veterinarians understand that it is difficult to say goodbye to a life-long friend.  We have created this room as a quiet and cozy place for owners and pets to use during the difficult time of euthanasia.


We have a fully stocked pharmacy to meet all of your pets' needs.  In addition to heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives; we carry most medications necessary to begin immediate treatment for your sick pet without the need for an additional stop at the pharmacy on your way home.

Prescription Diets

We carry Royal Canin, Hill's Science Diet, and Purina Prescription diets for patients with special dietary needs.

Treatment Area

Our large treatment room is complete with exam tables, wet sinks, IV fluids, and cages for hospitalized and surgical patients.  In this area, minor procedures such as wound cleaning, ear flushes, and dental cleanings are performed.

Patient Care

In this photo, Dr. Lundberg examines a patient's suture site at a surgical follow up appointment. 

Pre-Operative Procedures

In this photo, experienced technicians prepare a patient for a dental cleaning by placing an IV catheter prior to anesthesia. 

Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are performed with patients under anesthesia using state-of-the art equipment to scale and polish the teeth.  Once a technician has performed the cleaning, a veterinarian will thoroughly examine the oral cavity for any abnormalities that may be difficult to find in an awake patient.

Surgery Suite

Your pet’s surgery is performed in an AAHA certified dedicated surgical suite equipped with state-of-the art anesthesia and monitoring equipment.  Every patient is constantly monitored by a surgical technician throughout the entire surgery and into the recovery period.  In this photo, Dr. Niedfeldt removes a tumor from a cat while one of our surgery technicians, Ana, monitors the patient and records it’s vital signs.

In-House Laboratory

In addition to our reference laboratory, we have the capability to run in-house lab tests including blood chemistry, complete blood cell counts, electrolytes, and urinalyses.  This allows our veterinarians to have rapid results available for critically ill patients and provides for pre-operative blood-work on patients the day surgery is performed.

Digital X-Ray Capabilities

An in-house x-ray machine allows us to diagnose problems such as broken bones, hip dysplasia, heart disease and abdominal abnormalities the same day your pet is examined.  These images are captured with the latest digital equipment, cutting your pet's time in x-ray by over half.  We are now also able to maniplate the x-rays, take measurements and even share them with specialists or send you home with a copy of your pet's x-rays. 

AAHA Accreditation

The American Animal Hospital Association's (AAHA) Standards of Accreditation are widely used as benchmarks to measure excellence in veterinary medicine.  Our hospital has been successfully evaluated by an outside consultant on over 800 standards that directly correlate to the care we are providing your pet.  The standards are periodically reviewed and updated to ensure they remain consistent with the changes in veterinary medicine and technology.

To be accredited by AAHA, our hospital must demonstrate an exceptional level of medical care and client service.  AAHA's standards cover every aspect of our hospital to assure your satisfaction with the level of care both you and your pet receives.

We are proud to be an AAHA-accredited practice and believe this helps keep us on the leading edge of veterinary medicine and helps us stay focused on continuous improvement to assure we can offer the quality and range of services you expect and deserve for your pet. 

Boarding Kennel

The indoor, air-conditioned boarding facility houses several spacious runs for large dogs.  Families that prefer to board multiple smaller dogs together may also request our large runs.

Food Preparation Area

Morning and evening meals are prepared for our boarders in this food preparation area.  As a pet owner, you have the option to bring your pet's regular diet or have us feed Science Diet dry or canned food at no additional charge.


Does your pet need a bath?  Let our qualified staff bathe your dog or cat for you!  Each bath includes a shampoo, nail trim, anal gland expression and ear cleaning.  Baths can be scheduled any weekday or performed while your pet boards with us.

Cat Boarding

Our feline friends are housed in 3-floor condos in a separate, quiet room with a large window.  We find that our feline boarders are much happier in this low-stress environment enriched with cat toys and catnip!

Reception Exit

Upon departure, you will once again be greeted by one of our friendly receptionists. 

Thank you for taking our tour!  We look forward to seeing you soon!