Hurricane Safety For Pets

posted: by: Dr. Becky Niedfeldt Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Does your hurricane preparedness plan include your pets?  Here is the information you need to keep your pet safe during the next big storm. 

1.  Do not leave pets behind during an evacuation. If you must evacuate without your pets, leave enough food and water to last at least 2-3 days.  Post a highly visible note in a front window for rescue workers detailing the number and type of pets, as well as where the pets were left.       

2.  Have a pet carrier and leash readily accessible.       

3.  Bring pets indoors during an emergency.  Natural disasters such as a wildfire, hurricane or tornado, can produce unhealthy air and dangerous debris.       

4.  Make sure your pet is microchipped or registered through an identification program.  If not microchipped, then be sure all ID tags are on!  Have a copy of your pet's vaccination records.  You can print this information from your pet portal or stop in and one of our receptionists will be happy to print you a copy,    

5.  Many emergency shelters cannot accept pets for health reasons.  In advance, identify local shelters or hotels that allow you to bring your pets.  Please reference the list below for Orange and Seminole Counties.       

6.  If you are unable to take your pet with you, please call us at 407-889-0513 about boarding.  We will have staff and veterinarians available to care for your pets as weather allows.

7.  Should an injury to your pet result in severe bleeding, apply firm, direct pressure over the area until the bleeding stops.  Hold the pressure for at least 10 minutes (continually releasing the pressure to check the wound will hamper the clotting).  Avoid bandages that cut off circulation.  Call your veterinarian immediately.       

8.  Pack a Pet First Aid Kit, in the event that your pet becomes ill or injured.  The First Aid Kit should include vaccination records, photos of your pet and your veterinarian's phone number in a waterproof bag.  Additionally, the following should be included:           
- Gauze for wounds or to muzzle the animal            
- Pet food & bottled water            
- Pet prescription medication            
- Adhesive tape            
- Nonstick bandages, towels and cloth            
- Hydrogen peroxide (3 percent)

Pet-Friendly Shelters and Hotels by County:

Orange County

Barnett Park 4801 W. Colonial Drive in Orlando
Bithlo Community Center 18501 Washington Street, Bithlo
Orlo Vista Park 1 N. Powers Drive, Orlando

Hotels that will accept pets during a disaster:

Comfort Inn, Lake Buena Vista, 407-239-7300
Amerisuites Universal, 407-351-0627
Baymont Inn, Orlando, 407-240-0500
Holiday Inn, I Drive, Orlando, 407-351-3500
La Quinta I Drive, Orlando, 407-351-1660
Westin Grand Bohemian, Orlando, 407-313-9000

Seminole County

Lyman High School 865 S. Ronald Reagan Blvd County Road 427 , Longwood
Bentley Elementary School 2190 Oregon Ave, Sanford (Special needs only)
Sanlando United Methodist Church 1939 Boothe Circle, in Longwood

Hotels that will accept pets during a disaster:

Holiday Inn, Altamonte Springs, 407-862-4455
Days Inn, Altamonte Springs, 407-788-1411
La Quinta , Lake Mary, 407-829-4436